Our Rooms

The Centre is divided into three groups

Yarran Room (Infants)

The Yarran room is for our curious infants from 6 weeks to 24 months old. We love to interact with your child at this age as they are fascinated by touching different textures. They will go from commando crawling across the room on their arms, and shuffling on their bottoms, to running to great you when you come to pick them up.
The Yarran caters for 12 children.

Nelia Room (Toddlers)

The Nelia Room is for our ‘adult’ 25 months to 3 year olds. We love to listen to your child chat away as they develop their communication skills and we watch in awe as they climb over our famous obstacle course for the first time.
The Nelia Room caters for 10 children.

Mulga Room (Pre-schoolers)

The Mulga Room is for our ‘nearly ready for school’ 3 year olds to school age. We will work to get your child ready for the next step of their learning journey by encouraging them to play, make friends, and to develop responsibility, independence and confidence.
The Mulga Room caters for 11 children.